Founded a decade ago, our specialised formwork department developed working along some of the leading Concrete Contractors in the UK.

   In order to succeed in the vast and diverse domain of formworking, we have tried to concentrate on a single department, which we could master well. As a result of our strategy we specialized in striking and erecting of suspended slabs.

   We can assist  and improve existing drawings to make them more practical in order to achieve a safe method of erecting and dismantling and also eliminate the risks of having an accident by using unnecessary and unsuitable materials.

   Dacys Building Services came up with a unique, new, innovative concept in Formworking - Striking and Erecting using scissor lifts. 
   Our unique erecting and striking method increases worksite productivity by reducing time, eliminating the usage of unnecessary gear (like temporary access platforms and harnesses when working at height) maintaining at the same time a Safe, Injury and Incident-Free environment for workers.

     We take pride in our qualified and trained workers who can handle with success every situation and every project, no matter its size. They have the experience, knowledge and management capability to match the highest expectations.    
   Our complete teams have trained and competent supervisors who can read drawings and order necessary materials and operatives who can erect and strike using various methods and systems like  the TITAN System, HV System, SGB's GASS System, SKY DECKING, adapting them to the necessities of each project. 

   The company is also very conscious of its environmental and quality control responsibilities and have policies in place to ensure high standards are achieved at all times.
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