Methods and Systems

   Our specialized formwork department comprises of workers qualified and trained to face every challenge. With their experience and knowledge they can handle situations imposed by different projects. Our operatives can erect and strike using the following methods and systems:

(DACY FORMWORK's own method)

Our unique erecting and striking method using scissor lifts increases worksite productivity, eliminates the usage of unnecessary gear and also eliminates the usage of harnesses when working at height, maintaining at the same time a Safe Injury and Incident-Free environment for workers.

TITAN System

Universally recognised as the world’s leading support system, Titan comprises just two core aluminium components of legs and frames to offer an extremely versatile solution that is light in weight, easy to use and suitable for the most exacting requirements in performance and productivity. A wide range of beams, together with lifting and safety ancillaries create the ultimate system for in-situ casting and subsequent support of floor slabs.Titan can be used in flying table and erect and dismantle applications. It is ideal for multi-storey structures, water reservoirs, soffit situations, etc. 

  • Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong
  • Fast and versatile
  • World’s leading falsework system

HV System 

The HV System comprises only three main components of drop-head, beam and panel which, when used in conjunction with support legs, creates what is probably the most rapid, versatile and efficient means of casting in-situ concrete decks in a variety of situations. 

  • Minimises requirements for working at height
  • Modular nature enhances versatility
  • Lightweight facilitates manual deployment


The SGB GASS system has been developed to meet the speed, safety and economic demands of the modern construction industry.
The 140 kN per leg high productivity, lightweight GASS aluminium shoring system has integral brace frames and has been designed to require only three main individual components: outer leg, inner leg and ledger frame.
GASS is commonly used for shoring and back propping in the construction of;reservoirs - using GASS rolling table forms residential and commercial concrete frames - using GASS flying tablesand industrial structures - using fix and strike GASS tower structures for heavily loaded slabs.

  • Great volumes of falsework can easily be assembled, because the aluminium components are lightweight 
  • Quick fastening and simple location of ledger frames - only a hammer is needed  
  • 140 kN heavy-duty capacity per leg reduces number of components required Ledger frames can be located at any vertical position along the leg 8-way connection into the GASS leg


With the SKYDECK system, striking can be carried out after only one day (depending on the slab thickness and strength of the concrete). The drophead is released with a hammer blow which causes the formwork to drop 60 mm (panels and main beams). The panels can be separated easily from the concrete and immediately used for the next cycle. Furthermore, on-site material requirements are reduced. The SKYDECK main beam reduces the number of props needed – only one prop is required per slab area of 3.45 m² for thicknesses up to 40 cm. This saves time and simplifies the transportation of formwork materials across the site. Using this sistem has the following advantages

  • Early striking
  • Lightweight components
  • Easy to clean
  • Fewer slab props

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